Super Twins in Bondage

When both girls were sure that they were unable to escape their bonds. Kara and Tara both fell into deep sleep. Both girls moaned and thrashed softly in their bonds. Kara’s subconscious took over carrying her into a dark dream. Kara’s mind raced back to an encounter she and her sister had with an evil villain known as The Principle. This woman had created a device that controlled the minds of young women. She had used these mind controlled girls to rob and wreak havoc on the city. With our teen heroines hot on her trail, The Principle had sent these zombie like fuck dolls out to capture them. The girls, not wanting to injure the innocent, let themselves be taken prisoner. Their power stones were removed and they were taken to The Principles lair, a condemned to suffer pussy torment in the warehouse district of the city.

Their nemesis was a tall voluptuous woman with silver hair and piercing gray eyes. She wore a business suit with a short skirt that came halfway up her thighs. Kara figured that the woman that now held her and her sister captive was over 6 1/2 feet tall; this was likely accented by the six-inch stiletto heels that she wore. When The Principal stood up from behind her desk Kara caught a glance of the top of the thigh high stockings that the woman wore. This caused a spark of sexual energy to flash through the teen heroine. Both heroes are being held in place by The Principles minions. These were two girls, likely the same age as the heroes. Both were incredibly attractive girls of Asian descent and both were dressed as Catholic school girls. One with pink hair the other with purple they were both were dressed in very short plaid skirts, white button-down shirts with red ties, white socks and leather oxfords. Kara and Tara had been forced to kneel in front of the principles desk. As the statuesque woman appeared from around the desk both girls were forced to look up to see her stern face making our teen heroes feel very small.

The principle smirked and stated I have brought you girls here to  learn a lesson. It is a lesson you will never forget. At this Pink and Purple, as Kara soon learned that was their names, started giggling. Kara and Tara were taken to another room by Pink and Purple. The girls tormented the captured heroine’s by pinching their breasts and butts. The teen heroines attempted to wiggle away from these advances but were mostly unsuccessful. While their Catholic schoolgirl tormentors poked and prodded them, Kara and Tara were re-tied. A long length of rope was tied around each of the girls waist in an evil cinch. The length of rope was then roughly yanked through each girls butt cheeks and up through their tormented pussy. The rope was pulled extremely tight and looped back through itself forming an effective and rather brutal crotch rope. Our heroes wrists were tied in front, then their wrists were connected to each girls crotch rope. This ensured that if our heroinesmoved their bound wrists they would feel every movement in their nether regions. The girls legs were bound to pieces of janitorial broomsticks. Each broomstick was just less than 3 feet in length with steel eye bolts screwed into each end. The girls ankles were tied to each end of the stick forcing their muscular legs apart. Lastly, Kara was forced to stand behind Tara; Kara’s eyes were drawn to her sisters muscular ass. The rope tied between the cheeks had forced the bottoms of her costume to bunch revealing Taras muscular buns as if she was wearing a thong. Kara could see the rope cutting deep into her sisters thinly covered crotch. The teens sexual energy level increased dramatically as waves of electricity pulsed from her own cinched up sex. A short length of rope was tied from Kara’s wrists to the rope plunging between Taras ass cheeks. A similar length of rope was attached to Taras wrists and was currently being tugged on by Purple to Taras great distress. Our heroes were already experiencing intense pain from their current situation. Their tormentors seemed to realize this and were exploiting this to their full advantage. The final humiliation came when the girl’s gags were quickly removed and a piece of cloth was thrust into each of their mouths and were secured tightly in their mouths by a leather strap. Kara though briefly to herself, that the extent that these villains stick to their sadistic games was crazy.

Both Pink and Purple now stood grinning at bound and increasingly frantic girls. Purple, still tugging on the rope connected to Taras crotch stated, the principle brought you here to suffer cunt torment and learn a lesson; we are going to teach you that lesson. Kara felt dread as she looked at the maniacal smiles of their captors. Pink produced two heavy books, holding them up, Pink stated one for Red and the other Blondie. Purple pulled again on Taras crotch rope hard enough to pull both girls forward, another flash of sexual energy burst through Karas body as her crotch rope dug deep into her pussy crushing her over stimulated clitoris. Today we are going to teach you girls some math Pink said smiling. Purple giggled and tugged on the rope again.

But first, we must have a class in Phys Ed. todays lesson is balance; Pink placed the books on each of the teen heroines heads. Now we are going to take a tour of the campus. You two must balance your books on your heads and not drop them. Pink smiled looking directly into Kara’s blue white eyes; because each time you drop your book we add 10 minutes. Both heroes looked back confused, this caused their teen captors to giggle uncontrollably. Pink stated demurely, oh I almost forgot, each time one of you drops your book you both get a swat. She then reached into a cabinet and removed a large wooden paddle. Kara was horrified at the size and what this obviously demented girl meant to do with it. Pink placed paddle over her shoulder and said we need to get started; we have a long trip and other lessons to learn, now we are going to be moving pretty fast so you girls will need to keep up.  With this purple pulled on her diabolical leash and Teen Frost and Teen Fire were moving through the hallways of the empty warehouse.

It wasn’t long until both heroes perfect asses were on fire, attempting to walk with the 3 foot spreader bar between their ankles and with a book on top of each of their heads was nearly impossible. Add the fact that both girls had a crotch rope wedge deep into their tight pussies made the nearly impossible, completely impossible. During their hour long trip wadding the halls of this abandoned building the girls had dropped their books 21 times. At one point, Tara could not resist the constant and relentless pressure of the rope pressing against her clit and the paddling, she had a massive orgasm. As she came her hips flexed back and forth grinding on the unforgiving rope buried deep between her legs. As Kara watched her sisters muscular ass flexing back and forth as she climaxed it sent Kara over the edge as well. Needless to say both teen heroes dropped their books. Pink and Purple laughed uncontrollably at the two heroes wiggling and gyrating their hips as each climaxed. When the girls were spent,

Pink announced that both teen heroines would have to be punished for cuming without permission. Weak from their climax, Purple easily pulled Kara next to her sister and bent over both girls at the waist. Pink moved behind her captives pausing briefly to admire the muscular cheeks of each girl ass. She then drew back her paddle and commenced to give each girl 6 swats as punishment for their discretions. She alternated the blows striking first Karas then Taras firm upturned asses. As Pink delivered the third swat in the series she noticed that both heroes were shaking and gyrating their hips. She called to her fellow tormentor, these pain sluts are cuming again. Pink arbitrarily added 10 more swats to the girls punishment, when she was done each hero perfect butts was bright red. Both heroes bodies were covered in sweat and both girls were panting like dogs.

Kara was moved back into position behind her sister and her book placed back on her head. Luckily, the teen heroes didn’t have much longer to attempt this bizarre balancing act. Both girls were sexually and physically exhausted when they arrived at their destination. As the girls attempted to breathe through their spit soaked gags, Kara realized they were standing in front of the door. Written on the door in black letters was the words Detention For Brainless Sluts. Smiling, Pink stated  you girls didn’t do very well, I thought you were superheroes. She smiled at Purple and asked, how many times did they drop their books? Purple answered gleefully 21. Pink laughed and stared at Kara, her smile disappeared and she stated here are your math question blue eyes. What’s 21 times 10? Kara looked back at her again confused about the question but understanding that these girls were intent on making her and her sister suffer. As Kara pondered this, the door opened and the Principle stepped out. She said in a stern voice I understand you girls did not do well in your lessons today.

Unfortunately this means you will have to serve some time in detention. The Principle walked through the door as Kara and Tara were led through. Once inside Karas mind was filled with dread; this small room had no windows and soundproofing had been placed on the walls and ceiling, she began to panic when she saw what was located in the center of the room. She and Tara began to instinctively pull at her bonds and move back towards the only door to the room. This response started Pink and Purple giggling uncontrollably, Purple yanked on the rope connecting Kara and Taras crotch rope pulling the girls forward. The Principle glanced at Pink and Purple stopping their laughter immediately. She then began to explain what the two teen heroines detention punishment was to be. The girls stared in silence horror as they understood what the machines located in the center of the room were.

There were two metal posts sticking up from the floor. Each post is about 3 feet tall and about 8 inches wide on top of each post was a metal loop, below this loop were set of wrist shackles mounted on either side of the post at the base of the post were another set of similar shackles. Also located in the center of the room were four spanking machines. These ominous devices were basically mechanical paddles mounted on stands. Each machines paddle was approximately 2 1/2 feet long and 4 inches wide the flat surface of each panel had numerous holes in it. Each power portion of the machine had a large flywheel denoting that it produced an incredibly powerful swat. The two heroes were moved struggling to the center of the room, their necks forced into the rings at the top of the posts and secured. The wrists were untied and then quickly shackled below their necks.  The girls legs were pulled forward in their ankles attached to the base of the post. These shackles would not move, forcing the girls legs out at a 45 angle. This position placed incredible strain on the hamstrings of each of the teen heroines. If the girls attempted to relieve the pressure on their legs the ring around each of their necks would choke them. This position also caused the teen heroes muscular asses to be forced straight up making them a perfect target for the collection of machines nearby. Pink and Purple watched with delight as the heroes asses wiggled back and forth and up and down, the muscles of their legs flexing and shaking. The Principle exchanged the eraser gag with a black ball gag.

Both girls were in agony, wiggling and gyrating their pert bottoms trying to relieve the strain on their muscular legs. As Pink and Purple moved the spanking machines into place, they debated leaving the crotch rope on the teen crime fighters. The Principle decided that the crotch rope pulled deep in each heroes sex should be removed, stating that detention was strictly punishment and nothing should be in place that these two bad little heroes could enjoy. With this Kara heard the Principle tell Pink and Purple to have fun and she left the room.

As Purple moved to second spanking machine in place behind Tara she stared at the redheads wiggling ass. She thought to herself what amazing bodies these girls have. She had never seen such a perfect ass before. Purple thought to herself, I would love to be sticking things in that ass, painful things, she smiled widely. She noted that even with the crotch rope removed this girls tiny red bottoms had been pulled up and had crept between her butt cheeks revealing the wholeof her amazing ass. Purple smiled widely again and thought it makes a better target. Purple leaned forward placing her hand on Tara’s wiggling ass. Even in Tara’s slowly worsening position she jumped when Purple touched her bottom. Purple attempted to pull the material of Taras bottoms aside, but to her amazement the material would not move. Purple pondered this, the material would move with the girls movements but would not move if someone attempted to move it. She ran her fingers over the strange fabric she noted that it felt slick to her fingers. Purple then ran her finger along the material between Taras outstretched bottom. She noticed the skin was still slightly red from the girls paddling earlier. Tara could feel Purples fingers running along the material of her costume between her butt cheeks. Tara reacted by wiggling and gyrating her ass up and down and from side to side. Purple smiled widely at this, thinking to herself, you will tell me the secret of your magic panties my little redheaded pet. And when you do, I’m going to keep you in a dark place, sticking many painful things in those areas your magic panties are protecting. With this she locked the second spanking machine into place and synchronized it with the first machine. She then joined Pink in front of their captives.

The girl with pink hair was sitting right in front of Kara. Kara could see past her tiny plaid skirt and stared at the girls small panties beneath. The girl was smiling at her obviously enjoying her intense discomfort. Pink moved her face close to Kara’s and whispered have you figured out your math problem yet? Kara stared back at her defiantly. To this Pinks smile widened even more. She moved closer still and stated 21 X 10  10 minutes for each dropped book, 21 dropped books, 21×10 equals 210 minutes. Pink watched with great satisfaction as the realization washed over the blondes face. As it did she watched the beautiful blonde superhero scream in her gag and intensify the wiggling and gyration of her outstretched ass. Pink leaned forward and whispered in Kara’s ear saying The Principle said I could keep you as my pet, you and I will be able to play like this every day. Pick continued with a sly grin I will make you a tiny little cage and keep you in it all the time. It will be so small that you cant move a muscle. I will only release you to allow you to pleasure me or too punish you. Pink kissed inside of Kara’s ear and said or maybe I’ll never let you out. I saw you staring at my panties. After Im done torturing you here, my panties should been nice and sticky, then I will gag you with them and make you keep them in your mouth for a week to start out. Pink licked the inside of Karas ear and said or maybe longer.

Pink looked back up at Kara’s outstretched ass noticing that it was still gyrating and wiggling madly, she again whispered in Kara’s ear saying, as long as you can keep wiggling your ass like that I will not turn on the machines. But the minute you slow down they come on. What do you say blue eyes? Kara screamed never in her gag and stopped moving her outstretched ass. Pink laughed and smiled staring into Kara’s amazing blue white eyes and said your choice, my little pet but if you don’t I will double your sister’s time being spanked and leave you in here to listen to her screams. At this Kara knew she had no choice and began to wiggle her tiny heart-shaped bottom in the air. Pink stood up, laughed but then leaned back in front of Kara’s face and whispered tell your sister to wiggle her ass too, I know you two can communicate without speaking, And make sure we have a good show or the deal is off and you will hear your sister being spanked for a very long time.Kara’s mind was in overdrive, 210 minutes could they last? Kara sent a mental message to Tara telling her that she must wiggle, gyrate and flex her ass as hard and as long as she could. With this, the redheaded teen super heroine started her amazing bottom in motion for the enjoyment of her sadistic teen captors. Pink and Purple had retrieved pillows from the outer hallway and both were sitting behind the two captive super heroines watching each hero wiggle and gyrate her outstretched pert tiny asses.

The super heroines Teen Frost and Teen Fire were their captives and this was the latest round of torture. Both girls had been locked to a post located in a soundproof room in the bowels of a condemned schoolhouse. The way our heroes are currently bound cause their incredibly toned bottoms to be thrust into the air. This bondage caused immense strain on the hamstring muscles in each girls legs. If the girls lowered their asses to take pressure off their shapely, muscular legs the shackle around the girls neck would cause them to choke. Their tormentors were two sadistic lesbian schoolgirls who were enjoying watching their captives wiggle and writhe, alternating flexing their leg muscles and choking themselves. But this show was not the only entertainment the sadistic schoolgirls had in store for the teen super heroines. As soon as the girls were no longer able to wiggle and writhe with the vigor that they’re torturers were enjoying the sadist schoolgirls were going to torture the heroes with spanking machines. Each hero had two machines ready and locked behind their currently wiggling ass. These machines have been tweaked by the sadistic girls to ensure that they all delivered massively strong and painful swats. The two machines located behind each of our teen heroines were synchronized, meaning that a continuous flow of swats would rain down on each of the heroes muscular bottoms



Morgan & Her Master

I walked into the room where 18 year old Morgan had been waiting for me. She was in the same spot I had left her thirty
minutes earlier. What choice did she have bound and totally nude as the day she was born.

She was facing the left wall of the room, about eight feet from it. I had her wrists bound together behind her back along with
her elbows; pulling them painfully together. This forced her shoulders back causing her to stand with the length of her spine in an severe arched position, just the way I liked to view my girls.

I admired her as the arch in her back made it look as if she was purposely trying to thrust forward her medium, grapefruit sized tits.

Her long legs were spread & roped at both her knees and her ankles.

Another rope had been folded in half and tightly cinched around her belly.
The loose strands of this rope were brought around to the front
of her waist, dropped through the folded loop and pulled down between her legs where it was then harshly pulled up her ass crack effectively slicing her pussy and that flawless little butt in half.

Her legs were pulled so tight that it felt as if it had burrowed itself deep into her crotch. The loose ends had then been tied
tightly to the rope wrapped around her wrists then the rope was ran up to her elbows, then secured overhead. Any movement by my sweet young Morgan would tug on the wedged rope between her legs causing her to groan and sob into her gag.

The tightness of her waist cinch also had the effect of squeezing her midsection and restricting her breathing to shallow breaths of air often sounding like little frustrated grunts.

I had shoved a large ring gag up behind her teeth and strapped it in place behind her head, forcing her mouth wide open.
She hadn’t got used to wearing it yet so she was drooling all over her chin and onto her protruding breasts; her spit ran down her stomach on dribbled onto her split pussy in strings.

Around her neck was buckled a stiff leather collar with several rings. A small pad lock insured that it wouldn’t be removed easily.

As soon as I entered the room she began making all kinds of noise, trying to beg me to let her go, what did I want with her, why had I brought her here? I say she tried, because the ring gag made most of what she was trying to say incomprehensible babble.

I just ignored her incensed begging as I checked the rope slicing her bound cunt in half by pulling on it.

One end of the rope I pulled on was tied to the rope around her elbows, pulling them back and upwards. While the other end was
fed through a pulley attached to the ceiling about two feet behind her. The rope then ran across the ceiling above her head
to another pulley attached to the ceiling in front of her just before the left wall. From there it angled back towards Morgan
where it was attached to the front of her crotch rope, pulling her forward, burrowing savagely into her crotch. She didn’t appreciate me tugging on the rope as she was to push her hips forward even more. My ears were treated to the loudest most guttural grunt that one could imagine coming from such a petite specimen of a teenaged cock tease.
The rope forced her to rock, upsetting her balance in doing so she did a delightful  struggle. This also made her crotch rope dig
even deeper into her cunt hurting her as I heard more painful moans escape from her gagged mouth.

I walked over the wall where my collection of beautifully crafted
whips were hung and I selected a leather riding crop. I showed her the crop and asked her if she had ever been struck by one. I watched the fear grow in her eyes as she mumbled no tearfully through her
gag and began to beg me not to use it on her. Morgan did the most erotic little slut dance imaginable. Little grunts mixed with defiance blended together to offer me a total celebration of her helplessness.

I began to caress her perfect little ass with the business end of the crop as I listened to her pleas. Then I popped my wrist allowing the crop to slap her ass. She jumped from surprise as far as her bonds allow which wasn’t very far at all and sucked in her breath. Because the movement had been total torture on her split cunt.
I quickly slapped her second time right next to where the first one landed. The skin on her ass began to redden, showing the mark of the crop.

With the second strike she found her voice and screamed and jerked from the pain. I struck her a third and fourth time. Tears began to well in her eyes and soon
streamed down her cheeks as she increased her begged for me to stop. She was crying and drooling through the ring gag as I
continued working on her with the crop. I smacked both ass cheeks as well as the backs of her upper thighs continuously with expert precision. Her white skin soon turned a crimson red as I worked on covering the entire surface (like a painter covering his
canvas), with the beautiful red marks of the riding crop.

I worked the crop for close to twenty minutes on beating her ass and thighs until no part of her white skin had been missed.
Morgan was now crying uncontrollably when I had finished. Hanging the crop back in its place, I left her alone again to go for a bite to eat, not returning for over forty minutes.

She had stopped crying by the time I returned her eyes puffy and red and stood quietly. At least that was the way she was until I entered the room. she turned
her head to watch me. She immediately began
to beg me to let her go and not to hurt her anymore.

I just chuckled as I slapped her ass with my bare hand when I passed by her, and watched her jump from its sting. Then attempt to mitigate the after effect of her pussy burn as a result of her jump.

She yelped and the resumed her begging through her ring gag.

I picked up my favorite whip. A short handled nine strand whip. Morgan saw it and intensified her begging as the fear began to choke her.

I stepped over to her and swung the whip. All nine leather strands of the whip whooshed through the air to land partially
spread out on her beautifully rounded, budding right breast.

Morgan screamed like bloody hell through her ring gag. I gave her a minute for her to settle down in order to catch her breath and then struck again, this time the nine strands of whip landed across her other breast.

Her screams got louder from the pain as the telltale red marks of where the strands had struck appeared upon her un-tanned white flesh.

Each time I waited for her to catch some semblance of her breath
before I struck again allowing the strands of the whip to crisscross the first marks. Over a period of an hour I whipped
her breasts, targeting only them and nothing else. The eighteen year old cheerleader screamed louder than any cheer she had performed. My helpless little hottie she was horse, and then screamed even more as I flayed the whip across her breasts ten times each for a total of twenty strokes before I hung up the back on the wall.

Opening a drawer on a small table nearby, I pulled from it a pair of alligator clamps attached to each end of a short chain. The
clamps were spring loaded with a strong spring and each had a jagged set of inter-locking teeth. I stepped back over to Morgan who was still sobbing. Her eyes were tiny slits from the puffy swelling of her face caused by the crying.

Leaning forward, I placed my mouth over the nipple of her right breast and began to suckle on it softly. It must of felt good to her after being struck with the whip because she started to reign in her tears, though still whimpering. She let a small moan come through now and then as I continued to suckle on her tit. Soon
after, her nipple began to harden and felt like a small pebble in my mouth.

I removed my mouth from her tit and before she knew what was going on, I placed one of the alligator clips on it. The teeth of
the clamp bit down hard on her nipple and held fast as she howled like wounded animal and tried to shake it off.

Of course there was no way that clamp was coming off until I released it no matter how hard she shook her tits or begged me to
remove it. I moved around to her other side and began to prepare her other nipple for its clamp. As I began to suck on it I could hear her begging me, as she cried not to clamp that nipple and to remove the other one.
I just sucked her tit until that nipple was hard despite her protest and then clamped it. Again she howled and danced in pain
as the alligator teeth bit onto the small pebble of a nipple.

Taking a small thin rope I tied it to the center of the chain attached to the alligator clips on her nipples. I then pulled the rope out forward, the alligator clips holding tight to her nipples as her small round tits stretched out as I tied the other end of the rope to the rope in front of her. You know, the one tied off to her crotch rope.

I stood back and was admiring her discomfort at my handy work. I
was about to leave when I got a terrific idea. I went to the other side of the room and retrieved a two pound weight.
Returning to the helpless teen, I hung the weight from the center of the tit rope. Morgan wailed some more as the weight pulled her tits out further by the alligator clips on her nipples. I then left her in her misery as I went to wash up and rest.

For the next hour and a half, I watched my tormented toy on each of the four digital recording monitors as she squirmed,
trying to get comfortable with her tits stretched out painfully,
the crotch rope digging into her cunt, all the while, she had to try and maintain her balance up on the balls of her feet.

I then returned to the play room where she involuntarily waited for me. As soon as she realized I was in the room, she began to
plead with me again not to hurt her anymore.

I told her to shut up or she would be punished really hard. It would be much more than what she has already gotten.

She immediately quieted down as I removed the rope which was holding the alligator clips attached to her nipples which gave her
stretched breasts a reprieve. I then undid the overhead rope attached to her elbow bondage and the front of her crotch rope.
With that removed, she was able to set her heels down giving her cramped calf muscles a rest.

Reaching over, I grabbed the alligator clips on her sore nipples and gave them a quick tug and then I squeezed them both open
releasing her nips from their torment.

Morgan yelped for the pull I had given them, but she really started to moan in pain as the blood rushed back into her tender
nipples causing them another sort of pain, if only for a minute or two.

Next, I untied the rope around her ankles. Then I freed her knees and retied them cinching them together.  Grabbing her by a ring attached to the front of the
leather collar, I pulled her forwards to a wooden saw horse. Morgan hobbled best as she could with her knees still tied
together over to the horse. I positioned her so she was standing with the cross bar pressed against her lower abdomen.

Taking a pair of leather cuffs, I buckled and pad locked them around each of her ankles. Then undoing the rope around her
knees, I forced her to spread her long legs apart and attached each of the ankle cuffs to the opposite legs of the saw horse.

With that done, I then removed the crotch rope from between her legs. She breathed a sigh of relief and said thank you through her ring gag. I just told her that polite little girls were good little girls and patted her tight butt..

I now undid the rope holding her wrists together. Once that was removed, I got a single arm sleeve made of high quality leather and placed her hands, palm facing palm, fingers interwoven together into the base pocket, effectively trapping them as I
buckled the wrist strap tightly.

I then removed her elbow ties, releasing them for a moment until I brought the leather sleeve up over her arms and began to lace up the sleeve from bottom, near her wrists, to top, up above her elbows. As I worked the lace together, it forced her arms closer and closer together until I had her elbows touching each other
inside the sleeve.

After I finished lacing up the sleeve, pulling it all together, I took the two straps from under neigh the sleeve and brought them
up under her arms and over the tops of her shoulders to buckle back onto the sleeve itself. This prevented the sleeve from
sliding down off of her arms. I pulled the large leather flap over the laces and shoulder buckles, zipping it all the way up so that they were covered and inaccessible. Two last straps buckled around her arms, one at the elbows and the other over her upper arms. These were then secured
with small pad locks insuring that the sleeve could not be removed without my master key.

Once I had that finished I pulled the ring gag out of her mouth while warning her to keep quiet or else she would be punished
severely. With the ring gag out of her mouth she began to stretch her jaw muscles from side to side trying to relieve the ache.

I also removed the stiff leather collar from around her neck. I then grabbed a leather discipline hood and forced it over her head. The hood fit tightly around her head covering all of it except two eye sockets and open area in front of her mouth. There were two small hard plastic tubes protruding from the hood at her
nose. The inside ends of the tubes I made sure went into her nostrils so that when I gagged her again, she would be able to
breath through those small tubes.

The discipline helmet was laced in the back from the top down to the back of her neck. A built on collar buckled around her slender neck covering the ends of the laces which I also secured with a miniature pad lock to keep the hood from being removed. The use of the locks insured her of the knowledge of how helpless she really was.

Next I placed another gag into her mouth. This gag had a wide, firm leather front which covered her mouth from cheek to cheek. On the mouth side of the gag was a small rubber bladder. Morgan tried not to allow it into her mouth, but with the wide leather front of the gag pressed hard to face forced the bladder against
her mouth which she was forced to open allowing it to slip in. At least it was not forcing her jaw wide apart like the ring gag did.
Once I had the gag strapped tightly to her face and buckled behind her head, I then picked up the palm pump. Morgan watched
without understanding as I screwed the rubber extension tube to a small protruding nipple on the front of her gag. Once that was done, I began to squeeze the palm pump. With each squeeze of myhand, the rubber bladder in her mouth began to expand.

At first the stupid teen didn’t realize what was happening, but after about five or six pumps of the ball, the rubber gag inflated and began to pin her tongue down as it filled her mouth. I watched her eyes as they began to widen with every squeeze. I
kept squeezing the pump forcing her jaw wider apart as the gag continued to expand and fill her mouth.

Morgan’s jaw was restricted by the discipline hood as to how wide
it could expand as the pump gag filled her mouth, pressing against the insides of her cheeks.

I watched in amusement as panic began to show in her eyes as shethought she would suffocate, until she realized she could still
breathe through her nostrils.

Finished, I took the end of a cable which extended from a ceiling
pulley and attached it to a ring at the end of her single arm sleeve. I pulled her arms up as I took the other end of the cable
and attached it to a small ring on the top of her discipline hood. This forced Megan to bend forward over the saw horse with
her arms raised upwards behind her and forcing her to keep her head also lifted upwards.

Next, I moved to the winch on the wall and began to crank the handle. Turning the crank raised the overhead pulley higher.
Megan’s arms were lifted higher as her body was forced to bend even more over the saw horse. I could hear her moan uncomfortably
through the discipline hood as she had to strain to keep herposture as her bound arms forced her to keep her head up
straining her neck.

Moving up behind her I placed my hands on her nicely round buttocks and squeezed each cheek. My hands shifted around her ass
as I felt the firmness of her glutinous muscle. One hand worked itself down between her legs and cupped her soft tender sex.

Moving my finger up and down between the fold lips of her pussy. I could feel her getting wet. I slipped one finger into her. I
could tell she gasped as it slid in. I could feel the tightness of her cunt as it clamped around my finger.

Some men like the virginal opening to be loose so their cocks can slip easily in and out where as I enjoy a tight cunt, with
the fell of the virginal walls wrapped around my eight inch prick like a hot wet glove.

I was shocked to find my finer stopped from entering fully as it pressed against her intact hymen. Wow! This girl was still a
virgin. I was thrilled. Pulling my finger out, I moved it upwards along her ass to the
beautiful rose bud of her anus. Pressing it to the hole I could fell her tighten up her spinster muscle as I tried to intrude
into her with my finger. I pressed on as finger, lubricated with the juice of her pussy forced it way past her spinster. A little more pressure and I worked my finger into her up to the first knuckle.

I could tell she was uncomfortable with my finger in her ass, but I didn’t care as I forced it further in feeling all around, until my hand pressed against her anus as my finger looked as if it had been swallowed up by her bung hole. I then pulled it out, very slowly.

I got a new set of clips and attached them to her still tender nipples. Unlike the alligator clips with the jagged teeth I used
earlier, these were Japanese butterfly clamps with blunt ends. I clamped each of her nipples and watched her squirm as much or should I say as little as possible as her bonds allowed.

Taking two small bells, I attached them to the ends of the clamps. Then I took another two and a half pound weight and attached it to the center of the small chain attached to each end of the clamps. The thing about Japanese butterfly clamps, is that
the more weight you apply to them, the tighter they grip.

I took a second set of clamps, bells and weight and moving behind her I used them to clamp upon her tender pussy lips so that they were stretched downward.

Morgan’s whole body quivered causing the small bells to tinkle. But I wanted to hear them ring!

I moved to the whip rack and picked a leather covered wooden, rectangular paddle. Standing behind her I flung the paddled sideways and watched as it sank into both her ass cheeks with a loud “whapp.”

The bonds kept Morgan in place as the paddle bounced back off of her ass. The bells attached to her nipple clips rank out as she screamed into her mouth gag. With the gag in place her scream was loud. I wondered how loud it would have been without the gag. God, it almost made me cream in my pants!

I swung the paddle smacking her ass another seven times hitting each cheek in succession three times each and across both cheeks with the last strike as I had done with the first.

Morgan’s body trembled in pain as she sobbed hysterically, but was unable to move as her bonds held her tight.

By now my cock throbbed with a raging hard on as I watched the helpless teen’s ass quiver and turn her light skin a burning red from the beating I gave her.

I moved my hand to cub her mound and felt the wetness of her puss. “Wow, you are one wet bitch in heat” I told her. I can tell
Morgan was confused and ashamed as her body betrayed her.

Dropping the paddle I yanked my eight inch cock out of my pants. Standing behind her I rubbed the head of my member up and down
between her out stretched pussy lips. Morgan continued to sob, now from fear of what was about to happen to her. But I wasn’t about to deflower her yet. At least not the way she was thinking.
As I rubbed my cock head up and down over her pussy, the moist juices from her cunt transferred and covered my cock head
lubricating it.

When I thought it was sufficient, I grabbed her rounded ass cheeks in my hands pulling them apart exposing her cute brown
wrinkly bung hole and placed the tip of my cock on it.

I could tell she was screaming no into her pump gag as I slowly began to push my hips forward. She was going nowhere as the
bonds held her tight in place and the head of my cock stretched her open as it began to move into her ass.

I continued to push ever so slowly and could feel my cock head slip passed her spinster muscle. God she was tight!

Inch by inch, the shaft of my cock entered into her ass as my bulbous snake-head worked its way deeper into her bowels. I couldfeel try and struggle as my cock began to ever so slowly fill her ass. She tried to tighten her spinster muscle to prevent me from gaining access and then she squeezed, trying to expel my dick from inside of her, but to no avail. I just held her by her hips
and forced my dong further and further in until I could go forward no more. With my pelvis push up against her ass, my cock
was buried inside of her. I reached forward and grabbed her right tit, squeezing it forcefully and said, “Damm your ass it tight
bitch. I love the way my cock feels up inside of you. Don’t you?” Morgan just sobbed something in reply, but with her mouth
stuffed full of the pump gag, I had no clue as to what it was, nor did I care.

“If you think it feels good now, wait till I rape your cunt.” I said as I quickly pulled my cock all the way out of her ass. She
must of thought for a moment that I was going to stop ass fucking her when my dick came out of her ass and she seemed to relax for a second. That only lasted until I lined the head of my cock back up with her little brown shit hole again and started to push, forcing its way back into her ever so slowly.

Her body began to shake and her sobbing behind her gag increased as she now realized her body belonged to me and there was no way out of her predicament.

I continued to rape her ass for about fifteen minutes. I repeatedly entered her very slowly until I my cock was buried
inside of her ass to the hilt with my balls slapping up against her clamped pussy lips. Then I would completely pull all the way
out of her ass and then start the process all over again. I did this until my balls just couldn’t take it anymore and I shot my load in her tight ass as she shook her head helplessly from side to side.

Do you like these stories? Sarge’s reading room will feature many of them along with some excellent jack off material to go along with each offering of erotic fiction. COMING SOON to

The Basement

I got the key from the real-estate office and wanted to walk around the building myself to check things out. I did not need the constant bantering of someone trying to sell me the building.

These old run down factory’s were a dime a dozen in this part of town. So I decided to give it a look myself just to think things over quietly in my head.

Mason Street was part of the old warehouse district and now became more or less of the drug and slum part of town. Police were trying to clean things up but that was going to take time and money.

Looking for a place to park my car took about twenty minutes. I walked with my 357 out in the open with a confident almost aggressive pace.

I got to the main entrance of the building, “Hmmmm 2257 Mason, this is the place,” I said to myself.

Letting myself in I slammed the large door shut and locked it behind me. I put the gun back in its holster and looked around in amazement at the bared windows on the ground level.

The place was built like a fortress, and as dank and sullen as it could be.  I started heading down the first level of basement steps and stopped when I thought I was hearing something.  Frozen in place I kept my hand on my gun ready for anything unexpected.

There was just enough light coming in the windows to give me some operating vision without using the flashlight.  I waited and heard nothing. Just kids outside I thought and kept going looking into room after desolate room.

“This place is perfect for a horror film,” I laughed out loud. Again I heard what I thought was someone inside, this time it seemed closer. I drew my weapon quietly. This time I was sure that I was not alone.  I heard the muffled noise at the end of a long hallway in an old boiler room.

Approaching the door slowly I was careful not to bump anything or make any noises. Standing just outside the room I could identify a human voice but was not sure what it was saying. My heart was racing because I knew of the gangs in this part of town; they were very violent in their protection of their turf.


A lesson before graduation

So there I was my schoolgirl uniform was in tatters on the floor in a cold, dark concrete basement. I was bound helpless sitting an old wooden chair. My name is Christie, I’m 18, and I’ll graduate in two days.  It was a Friday afternoon before the big weekend. I have been here for about four hours so far with no end in sight.
The ropes started hurting me almost immediately, so by now I am in anguish with every little movement.  I am thankfully sitting on the chair with my ass resting for the moment. The timer can go off at any moment; which will cause an automatic winch to activate pulling my butt off of this chair by that god dammed rope that is burning between my legs.

My hands have been tied to the arms of this chair, and my legs spread and bound to each legs. A gag has been wrapped around my head several times.

How do I know all this you may ask, because of the 30 inch flat screen monitor that is only feet away from by helpless body; placed there so I can see every tormented movement!
“Oh god the timer sounded no not again….someone please.”
I watch helplessly as the girl on the TV screen screams loudly into a large wad of cloth shoved roughly into her spit soaked mouth and taped into place.
Seeing her on that screen almost doesn’t seem real until the burning of my own flesh reminds me that the tormented helpless girl is me.

“If you are reading this and enjoying yourself you are obviously a sick fuck who gets off on seeing young girls
tormented and abused, ouch, owie…nah no not again please someone stop this madness.”
My master is a lot older than me; in fact he is old enough to be my granddad. Right now I’m so fucking pissed off at him it’s not funny.
Looking at myself on the monitor I see me Christie, an 18 year old girl bound gagged straining. I am being held up by my pussy rope until the automatic winch lets me down.
The drool that is spilling out of my gag and onto my stomach is dripping in strings onto my split and reddened pussy just adding humiliation to my torment.

I don’t know why I did what I did at the music store but I got busted for ripping off CD’s.
The cops called my master to ask what he wanted done with me. I guess he’s some big wig who sits on a local police board, most of the cops refer to him as commissioner or chairman, whatever.

Master was way pissed off at me for what I had done. The shop wanted me to be charged until they saw him come in with veins coming out of his neck.  Then the owner backed off immediately and says no big deal really.
Master pulled a wad of hundreds from his front pocket and gave the man three of four of them telling him that he deserved more respect than his daughter had shown.
I rolled my eyes, “yeah daddy I am your daughter alight, some father/daughter relationship we have,” I thought with my head hung low like I was embarrassed. I was trying not to laugh out loud at amount of ass kissing that was going on in that store.
I needed to be taught a lesson, that’s what master said on the drive home, he wasn’t even looking at me when he said it.
“The winch just let me down again, thank god, my pussy is bulging around this fucking rope and it burns so much I’m going crazy.”

One we arrived at home, I was lifted out of the car
and walked into the backdoor through the garage.  It was now about five o’clock according to the clock hanging on the brick wall.

Suddenly the door opened and a sympathetic face appeared. It was Ashley, my 19 year old live in sister slave. Ash is a blond with a gymnasts frame; the little tease is totally fuckable. When I’m extra good master ties her spread eagle to the bed for the night and I get to have my way with her.
“Man oh man Christie, you really pissed him off what the fuck did you do girl,” asked the hot little blond staring confused at me.

“I couldn’t answer for obvious reasons, I just mumbled into my gag pushing my spit down onto my chest and pussy.
I begged her for help with my eyes but I knew better than that, she wouldn’t risk getting punished for disobeying him.
I hadn’t realized it but the winch started again and pulled my\ hips upward and my ass painfully off of the chair.
My eyes rolled backward into my head as I started grunting, trying in any way not to break down in front of my little blond fuck toy. She was always on the receiving end of the stick when it came to the pair of us. I was more of a pain slut and could take the daily torments without much drama. But Ashley would usually cry demanding some level of attention. So in the evenings when I was lucky enough to get her stretched out body; she was always helplessly spread and totally vulnerable.  I made the little bitch suffer all night long. My only rules were no anal, no bleeding and I was not allowed to choke her.
So I would usually busy myself eating and nipping at her spread and shaved pussy until she was going nuts. One time I teased her for almost three hours not allowing her to cum, getting her ready and then backing off.
So why was she being so kind to me when I was such a shit to her, my head tilted in confusion until she finally broke the tension by speaking.
“You poor thing, that has got to really suck.”
Shaking my head yes agreeing with her I became aware of the device in her right hand.
“We’re all on lock down because of your dumb ass, do you know that sweetie,” her voice changed it became much more sarcastic.
“Because of sweet tight selfish young Christie all four slaves in this house are on restrictions for the whole weekend, did we think about this before we acted like a dumb little bitch,” she snapped putting her forehead directly in contact with mine.
This meant that she would miss her best friend’s graduation party in Chicago. This was something she had been looking forward to for well over two months.
My tears came freely now and they were totally real as they rolled down my cheeks. I apologized with my eyes whimpering and mumphing into the ball gag, trying to tell Ashley how sorry I was, truly sorry.
She held the controls to the winch in her right hand as she tapped me gently on the chin with them.
When she spoke it did not sound like the same girl I had tormented freely for so many nights. “Master says if I make you really sorry for being a selfish little cunt he will fly me out tomorrow to midway airport. I’ll miss the commencement but I can still make the party. I only have a few rules to operate by, hmmmmm what they were,” she said acting coy.

I was in a full arch tightly bent like a bow string my limbs ached as they fought the bondage trying to ease my hips up and out as much as possible. By now my pussy felt like it was being stung by wasps as it bulged around the rope slicing me in half.
Ashley simply dropped down to her knees and began kissing my torn muff. Cupping my ass with her hands she began kissing and licking my tormented box as I groaned deeply into my gag.
Then without warning Ashley began to bite my swollen cunt lips. The first bite came on my left labia and felt like she had put out a cigarette out on it. I screamed in agony as the searing white pain came slashing in. I thrashed wildly in my bondage causing even more pain in my split pussy.

Giggling playfully the blond kneeling between my legs bit the right labia and started the process all over again. For an hour Ashley bit and nipped and tormented my lips. I was sure they were bleeding as I thrashed in pain lashed tightly to the wooden chair. I screamed every name I could think of at her into the spit soaked gag. I tried to intimidate the usually timid fuck kitten. This time she had master’s backing and there was nothing I could do but take it.
She lifted me up off of the chair almost two dozen times until finally my head hung forward limp and my red hair fell into my face and all over my shoulders.
“There there lil Chrissie,” mussed Ashley.
“Lucky for lil miss perfect ass that master said no anal cause I would be shoving something real big up Chrissie’s tight little rump,” teased the tight 19 year old blond.
Relieved I dropped my head backward so the monitor could see my facial expression and thanked my master with my eyes. I couldn’t speak but he knew what I was saying with my eyes.
Again I found myself stretched upward with my split pussy as the center of my tormented little world. Ashley had taken my tormented crotch to the max setting the girls were allowed to use on the winch with each other.
I was frozen in pain and arched so hard I thought I was going to pass out.
She simply produced a small leather strap about the size of a dog collar that master calls “the short strap.”

My eyes bulged as huge as my embattled cunt lips because I knew what was next.
Shaking my head repeatedly no no no, I begged her through my gag not to do it.
The first flick of her wrist sounded like a firecracker, the crack filled the air only to be broken by my screaming and sobs. The little cunt hit me square on my bulging mound.
The intercom crackled as I heard my mistresses voice saying sharply, “you break her skin Ashley your ass is grass.”
Ashley turned to the monitor and lowered her head and softly said, “yes ma’am I totally understand.’
With that the little cunt began smacking my tormented pussy over and over again, but more softly there were small taps and little stinging slaps. It was like Chinese water torture on my pussy. Over and over again she kept up the assault on my bound cunt.
All the while I screamed bloody murder thrashing my head from side to side.
Each time she let me down she soothed my beaten cunt and teased my tits by licking my spit off of them. I was in so much pain and so totally humiliated that I was like a deer in the headlights of a car. Wide eyed I simply went from screaming in a total fit of pain and rage to a whimpering little bondage Bambi trying to shove my tits into her soft tongue.

As she pulled me up again I could feel the room spin, my face flushed red with heat as my cunt burned under the assault to Ashley’s short strap attack.
Groaning and grunting like an animal I weakened and felt my strength fade from me as me head got lighter the room turned fuzzy and went limp. My master’s youngest live in slave had passed out from the bondage and the pain.

End of part ONE

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Wenona now doing Boy Girl

A fan favorite for sure sexy toned Wenona is now at a point in her fantastic modeling career where she will now do boy/girl sex scenes. Sexually broken which is the brain child of my dear friend Matt Williams features her getting skull fucked. The fitness phenom gags and chokes most beautifully. gives Wenona the full rating of five stars on the peter reader meter.

The above picture was created by the Sgtmajor as a novelty cover specifically for this blog, please feel free to re post it but keep watermark in tact.

Hunter is a CLASS ACT

I have known Jim for several years, it seems every year at Fetishcon I get to know him better. There are really few guys in this industry who don’t take themselves too seriously and I think Jim is one of them. His bondage is simple yet very effective and he has found that all too rare space within his content that makes it really fucking hot and still he is able to keep his own style.

Blakemore the father of bondage as we know it today has often bitched to me that the riggers of the modern day use way too much rope. Upon viewing Jim Hunter’s stuff JB was pleased with what he saw. As evidenced in the above picture one can easily see that Mr. Hunter knows what a good crotch rope is all about. After all what can bondage be with out a good crotch rope?

Now Playing on Bondage Big Screen

Ms Amber Rayne grunts and wiggles her self into deeper pain through tighter bondage in this classic clip. Bondage lovers will delight at the tightness of the petite diva’s bondage which centers around a brutal crotch rope. The poor dear whimpers and fights a loosing fight as her every movement causes the rope to torment her in new ways.

What is a poor helpless little piece of fuck flesh to do when the bad man has her in his perverted grasp. Why she pumps her hips thereby fucking the cunt buster to keep the big pig happy so he does not beat her tight ass any more. Its not rocker science it fetish and its real. NOW PLAYING at

Scrapbooking Backdoor Style enjoys a wide variety of erotic perversions just like any one else. He is the latest offering of pictures found around the nest on basic Usenet groups. If you see one that you know please advise and I will give proper links and thanks to that website. One hogtied helpless piece of ass is great, but almost a dozen pf them squirming and grunting is a work of art.

Let us go back for a look

Remember this golden oldie? is really the only site to have a direct line to John Blakemore. This issue of “Strict” was one of his timeless masterpieces.

So you can remember the way it was is running this magazine in 95% of its entirety.

First up is an all time fan favorite Loni Andrews and her perfect little ass. Regardless of how it may look today, she shall forever remain young and tight in my mind. That tight little beaver split in half from a savage crotch rope and a mixture of pain disgust and excitement all blend into her face.

Ah yes the bitch has an attitude, her tits never really did much for me, but let me tell you about the rest of this sweet tight piece of fuck meat, she was perfect just the way she was, well that is after you add some tight ropes to her frame.

Oh the poor dear has her first cunt buster pulled into her sweet meat. By now a guy who was on the set would hear Loni grunting trying to fight the swell of emotion that was building up between her legs.

Even though this pic is out of place in just a matter of numbering sweet helpless Loni has been placed in such a position that her helpless little pussy is ripe for that slapping among other things.

Now the helpless little piece of meat is dangling and if you look at her wrists for a moment you will come to understand she is really in some serious pain. Please feel free to tug on her crotch rope and play with her pussy as much as you would like to, she know far better than to try to kick you.

This is by far her most enduring feature as far as the test of time is concerned. That little ass is perfect and needs to have a rather large cock stuffed up is. Just make sure to clamp your hand over her mouth, my guess is that she will be making some serious noise after a shoot like this.

Remember those free brochure ads? I remember sending away for them when I was 16 the only kid on the block who wanted to tie “Charlies Angles” spread eagle to a bed and shove their own panties in their mouths and slamm them in the ass, what a weird kid.

to be continued.